A Futuristic Imagination Sculpted In The Present – Buy Aarmr Protective Gear

A Futuristic Imagination Sculpted In The Present



Yes, you read that right. I am talking about AARMR’s transparent face protective gears made for travelling professionals and essential workers. If you have one of these, you can look your best or even smile at the girl across the room.

As the pandemic engulfs us all into a prolonged fear of infection & trapped us in a state of hidden expressions, a new field of mask design innovation has emerged across the globe. Closer to home, Gurugram-based Desmania Design has developed AARMR offering a range of non motorized protective face gear.


Their product Breez93 is a transparent mask shield that covers the entire face & yet everyone can see you smile. 

AARMR is an innovative lifestyle & healthcare product line that originated to deliver unfulfilled customer demands, Hence, it was developed, manufactured & launched within 4 months. Can you believe that? The design philosophy behind their masks is a thoughtful integration of Goggles, Face Shield and N95 Mask.

This travel safe mask emanated out of design thinking by highly skilled industrial designers from Desmania, one of the top design studios of the country with a legacy of 25 years.

Why AARMR over ‘Gamchha’?


A politician’s twitter handle displays folded hands & his infamous Manipuri 'gamccha’ which successfully managed to spread awareness about the importance of mask. However, is this traditional homemade mask enough to fight corona? Is it safe & secure? Maybe not.

AARMR is designed to ensure high level of customer satisfaction with extra safety, comfort & elegance. The product line promises modern aesthetic style with various color options & a transparent choice.

AARMR products are ground breaking, as well as, pioneers of such an innovative design in the domestic market for their safety, utility & robustness.

What makes it the right mask?

  • Full Face Recognition - so you don’t get lost in the crowd.

  • 360 degree protection - It has XtraComfort & XtraSafe experience. Everything is Xtra, even the protection.

  • Nanotechnology filter - None shall get through!

  • Reusable & Washable - we don’t want mountains of PPE kit to be our new home, right? Support sustainability.

  • D-Fog technology - you can wear the mask and still see the ball coming at you.

  • Breathable & Comfortable - There is no need to adjust your masks. Now, you don’t have to keep touching your face.

Have you heard a joke about safety? No? Because there is none.

One of the most important consideration in a mask must be safety, so the big question is, are they safe? Well, they offer 3 times the efficacy of a normal mask. AARMR products are designed & manufactured following industry 4.0 standards using 3D printers & thermo-forming. 

The certified nanotech filter in their product Breez93 can block particle size of 5-10 microns with 95% efficiency.

Who all can wear it?

Evidently, the easier question would be , who cannot wear it? I would say don’t put it on your dog's mouth & everyone else shall be fine. AARMR products are designed keeping in mind the safety of all, from doctors to working professionals. Even If you have to drive around delivering pizza’s, the 360 degree protection will not let dust or the tempting smell of pizza get in.

What if you have glasses like Baburao?

Do you wear glasses & worried about fog? Don’t worry, they changed the passage of air. No, not to worry, they did not change the way you breathe but where the air goes. Instead of putting a filter on the front, they put one on the top near the forehead, so you inhale from the top and when you exhale you do through the NRV (non-return valve which allows flow in a single direction), near your nose and mouth. AARMR Inventive Dfog solution provides extra durability. It is dependable & long-lasting for a clear vision of AARMR protective gears.

How deep should I dig in my piggy bank?

During a time when normal life has gone for a toss, many products have come up with out-of-the-box products to protect frontline warriors & the community. However, the innovative masks in the country are as expensive as ₹5999.

Comparatively, AARMR masks are cheaper. The price of the mask ranges from ₹999 to ₹1,499. Different types of Face-masks are available based on the function of the user. Price varies with the filter in the mask.

You can check www.aarmr.in for different products & exact price details.

Confused about wearing masks?

Already vaccinated & don’t think you will need a mask much longer?

Before you ceremoniously throw away your face masks. Think again. Vaccine takes time to kick in, does not provide 100% protection and still make you an asymptomatic carrier. Moreover, the nanotech filter is excellent for pollution, so for days after Diwali, one must keep around a mask.

Free to be you.

Necessity is the mother of invention & this crisis has been a driver for innovation. AARMR emerged from agile development & a mission to spread smiles in the gloominess of this pandemic. Instilled with the values of common social good & sustainability, they produced an unrivalled product line, helped patients & offered jobs to women during the pandemic. That is ought to make one feel good about buying it, right?

If that is not enough, wearing one makes you safe & feel confident. So wear an AARMR, get back your freedom - the freedom to be you.