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A Guide to Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Face Mask


The pandemic has brought new experiences to every individual’s life. These experiences might not be welcomed by people but we have to live with some side effects of the pandemic till it lasts.

Face masks were only found in hospitals and severely polluted areas. It has now become almost like a sin to step out of the house without masks. During the second wave of the pandemic, the people were even advised to wear face masks inside their homes. 

During the last year, we have witnessed various innovative masks produced by fashion brands and mask manufacturers. Even though there are several innovative masks supplied in the market, there are some rules that you should follow while using all kinds of face masks. The widespread use of masks has called for the experts to make individuals aware of the do’s and don’ts of wearing face masks. Here are some of the things that you should follow or avoid when it comes to wearing a face mask.

  1. Wash your hands:

Whenever you have to wear a mask, make sure that you wash your hands completely before touching the mask to put on. If you can’t wash your hands, then always carry hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol content and always use it before wearing the mask. This would help by eliminating the chances of contracting the virus.

  1. Don’t touch the mask over your mouth area:

Your bare hands carry germs and viruses. When you are wearing a mask, don’t touch the area of the mask that covers your nose or mouth as it could lead to the transfer of viruses and germs through your mouth or nose. Even when you are taking off or putting on the mask do not do it from the area that covers your mouth or nose. Always touch the mask from the straps.

  1. Wash your mask:

Some people buy reusable masks and use them every day without washing. Buying a reusable mask does not mean that it should not be washed. You should always wash your mask after a single use and if you are using disposable innovative masks, then you should throw them after a single-use. 

  1. Don’t put face masks on infants:

Face masks are not meant for children who are younger than two years. The parents of children younger than two years should not make their kids wear face masks as it can lead to problems. 

  1. Mask should fit snugly:

When you are wearing a face mask, always make sure that the mask fits you well. A face mask should fit around your nose and mouth snugly. It should be well-fitted and comfortable as well. A face mask that does not fit well is of no use as it is a gateway for viruses and germs from the environment.

  1. Don’t wear a wet mask:

A wet mask does not provide complete protection. You should always wear a clean and completely dried mask that can help by providing the required protection. When you wear a wet mask, it can increase your chances of contracting the virus as it does not ensure complete safety from viruses and germs. 

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The use of face masks is promoted by various governments around the world even if we witness a sharp fall in the number of Covid-19 cases. Face masks should be worn with the right practices. You can get protective gear and innovative masks from AARMR. It is a one-stop solution for the best and the most innovative masks that provide complete protection.