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Benefits of Transparent Face Masks. Are they safe?


Ever since the pandemic broke out, people have started using face masks. There are different kinds of innovative masks now available in the market. The masks have been able to protect a large population from catching the virus but it has its own disadvantages as well.

Face masks have limited our ways to communicate with the world. Even though the limitations are usually faced by the people who are deaf, even other people have not been able to communicate through their facial expressions.

In addition to this, doctors find it difficult to communicate to older deaf patients who are not familiar with sign language. The medical staff that has to deal with deaf patients during these difficult times finds it hard to convey something to deaf patients. Deaf people need to read the movement of the other person’s lips to understand what we want to convey to them. 

These reasons called for an immediate requirement for a product that would not hinder the communication between people. This is how transparent masks came into the market and became an instant hit. These innovative masks have various benefits but there were certain limitations that had to be dealt with as well. These are the benefits of wearing a transparent mask.

  1. Easy to read facial expression:

When we are out in public, we communicate with strangers using our facial expressions. With the face masks on, it had become quite difficult to smile at that stranger who held the door for you. The transparent innovative masks have helped people to communicate through facial expressions effectively.

  1. Benefits to the Deaf:

The transparent innovative masks have the biggest advantage for deaf people. A deaf person who is not familiar with sign language finds it difficult to communicate when people have opaque masks on. In addition to this, not everyone knows the sign language to convey their words to the deaf. 

This is where a transparent innovative mask makes the difference. With transparent protective gear, the deaf people do not feel left out and the conversation can flow easily without any hindrances. 

  1. Safe Communication:

Communicating is a major part of human life. We can’t go through a day without talking to the people around us but opaque face masks require us to remove them from time to time for better communication as it blocks the transmission of messages. 

Transparent innovative masks allow us to carry out safe and efficient communication. You don’t need to take it off every time you have to communicate with the other person as your expressions and words can be read and understood easily. 

The transparent protective gear can help us in dealing with the communication gap that has resulted due to the use of opaque masks. But there are certain doubts regarding transparent masks. People ask whether they are safe enough and how to deal with the fogging that takes place inside the surface of the transparent masks. 

The transparent masks developed by AARMR use a scientifically designed passage that helps in the flow of air and makes it safe for use. For fighting the fog that assembles inside the transparent masks, AARMR has developed a de-fogging lotion that can be used when required. The transparent masks are safe and have many benefits and thus they can be used by everyone.