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Buying or Making a Face Mask: Which one is more preferable?


Face masks are here to stay. The adverse effects of the pandemic might be slowing down but the use of masks in public is still followed by people. There are many innovative masks available in the market but as we all are aware of how initially there was a shortage of face masks in the market. The shortage of face masks led to many people making masks at home. 

There were various fabrics used to make the face masks at home and even now after there is enough supply in the market for face masks, people prefer to use homemade cotton masks for everyday use. Have you ever stopped and wondered which masks are better and provide more protection; innovative masks available in the market or face masks made at home? There are various deciding factors behind this. Let us see which masks should be preferred by people for better protection.


The most important factor while selecting a face mask is its fabric. Certain fabrics are ideal for making face masks as these materials have smaller holes as compared to other fabrics. The smaller holes restrict the passing of particles and droplets through the material and thus they are better for protection against the virus.

The homemade masks are usually made from cotton which is not an ideal material for making face masks. The innovative masks that are available in the market use materials like a canvas that is a great fit for making protective gears and masks. 

Multiple layers

A face mask must have multiple layers of fabric attached to it to make it the best product for protection against the virus. The innovative masks available in the market come with up to 8 layers of fabric that can protect an individual from contracting any kind of viruses and germs. Contrary to this, the face masks that we make at home are usually single-layered which decreases the chances of protection. The multiple layers of fabrics in masks can help us in fighting the virus.

Filters are risky

Some of the face masks available in the market come with filters. These filters are great at protecting the individual from the risks of catching the virus but it has its own disadvantages. The filters used in these masks have fibreglasses and other harmful materials. 

These materials should not be consumed by any individual as they can pose a serious threat to the health of the individual. The masks with filters must be used wisely by avoiding the contact of the filters with the mouth and nose. There are efficient face masks available in the market without the filters that can also be used. 

Life of the masks:

The face masks that are made at home are created using light materials like cotton. Even though these masks are called eco-friendly masks and can be reused, they have a shorter life span and you need to change them very often. 

In contrast to this, the innovative masks available in the market that are made out of heavy material and multiple layers can last for a longer time. These are eco-friendly masks and can be categorized into sustainable fashion

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Both homemade masks, as well as the masks available in the market, have their advantages and disadvantages. But the multiple-layered masks made with heavy fabric are still a better option when it comes to better protection against the virus. The face masks and protective gear supplied by AARMR are some of the best options for better protection. You can buy all kinds of necessary protective wear against the virus at one stop,