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Warriors Of Medicine



"The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared" - George S. Patton

We'll get there...slowly!

India is “slowly” emerging out from the horrific experience of Corona-yug with shortages of medical protective gear, ICU beds, oxygen cylinders, doctor’s attention, essentials & the indispensable need of positive aura amongst the negative breath of death.

The Human Race Vs. Tiny destroyer

We have grown up with the stories of martyrs & human suffering but never been so close to it, at-least not at a global level where the entire human species is beginning to lose the war against Nature, a war we started. We have been losing wars against each other & succumbing to surrender in front of our brothers, but now we don’t have that option. Our society needs to stand up together against this nature’s oppressor & seize our right to live. Can you believe, that we are losing to a microscopic enemy? Well, I get the ant & elephant story now.


The Army


In every war, each side has warriors on the frontline being the first line of defense. In our fight against Covid-19, our frontline warriors are the reason we have been tackling the war, bit by bit. The dedication, empathy & courage shown by these soldiers cannot be forgotten for decades to come. Their weapons? thermometers, stethoscopes & ventilators. Yes, we are thinking the same thing. Real life Avengers!

The Attack

In May, the pissed family of a deceased Covid-19 patient in Assam brutally beat up a junior doctor & a doctor in Nanded was attacked with a knife. These vicious strikes at one’s own troop is an atrocious betrayal of the community.

Warriors of medicine or doctors helping Covid-19 patients have been dodging the hostile enemy fire for months. The bullets they have been facing range from risk of exposure & infection to Mobocracy, Baba Ramdev’s attack on allopathy & trust deficit. The plummeting of trust in doctors is a global phenomenon. Doctors working at a capacity tens or hundreds of times more than what is normal, may not have adequate time to devote to each patient but for a patient waiting in line for one doctor, time moves slow & what is actually a lack of resources is often mistook for negligence.


In the pool of criticism that came the government’s way, an interesting comment came from the harshest & the most entertaining critique - an opposition leader, who pointed out that "Doctors need protection from Covid-19 and government's callousness”. The current situation makes me wonder, to what level can this statement actually be dismissed? 

As many as 730 doctors died during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, said the Indian Medical Association (IMA) - 16 June ’21. Moreover, India’s doctors are also struggling with pay cuts & delayed salaries. Even with valid concerns & overwhelming fear, doctor’s protests are still being sidelined. Of course not every protest has the liberty to run as long as “the farmers’ protest”, you can get your food from a happier state ( you know, with a friendlier minister) , but doctors cannot run away from their oaths to save lives. It’s time to face it, we need a fundamental shift in our approach to healthcare & it needs to happen now!

The Treaty! - Spreading Smiles.

In the flock of civilians helping the frontline soldiers were Non Governmental Organizations & Corporates inculcating social responsibility. Through the shattering despair & grief, humanity transpired in the hospitals of Bengaluru as a group of volunteers provide emotional support to Covid-19 patients. These Covid-19 warriors, from 'spreading smiles', a voluntary organization - mostly students & professionals were brought together by Fr Anil D’Sa, youth director of Bangalore Archdiocese. These volunteers distributed high quality transparent face protective shields to the doctors.Fascinating thing about these medical gears by AARMR, is the innovative approach of the Gurugram based Desmania Pvt. Ltd. The sustainable design is robust & reusable providing 360 protection with Nano-surge filtration & full face recognition. The collaboration of these organizations accelerated the remuneration our doctors deserve.

Amidst the pandemic the frantic cry of tragedy stripped off the clothes loosely clinging on our failure to be respectful in life or death. Among the profound loss of life, the most sorrowful wail can be heard from people’s loss of faith in the healthcare system. In the haystack of lessons coronavirus pandemic has been teaching us, a prominent needle emerges out. We understood the importance of sufficient investments in the medical fraternity along with a primary focus on giving respect, compensation & infrastructure to the medical professionals.

Life After war.

Doctor’s have made homes in aseptic operating rooms battling the challenges of virtual relationships & the most virulent feature of this virus - Terror. From isolation in hospitals to sleeping in cars , the stories of the medical heroes are inspiring & heartbreaking at the same time. Despite the dishonor, they have not lost their valor & deserve our acclaim. You literally owe your life to these people.
On national doctor’s day’2021, be grateful to our doctors, celebrate their stealth, & regard their sacrifices. This year is important as the pandemic has left its impact and it becomes crucial to honor the un- daunting service of overburdened doctors. Know, we are forever indebted to these self-less commandos.