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The product is a one of its kind protective gear designed in response to the present time. A product that offers a fine blend of protection, comfort, and style. The recent time has seen a flood of protective respiratory protective gear worldwide.

Among all such products, it was seen that most either do not provide complete protection to the eyes, mouth, and nose.

And a large number of respiratory protective gear is extremely uncomfortable to wear over long periods of time causing discomfort, suffocation, and bruises on the face- especially for the bottom-of-pyramid- persons working in harsh outdoor conditions.

As a response to this problem, this protective gear is designed to provide a great level of comfort to the wearer, while minimizing contact with the face, keeping the experience non-stifling and airy through the intelligent use of vents.

Customer's Reviews

Excellent compatibility for healthcare workers on the COVID Front Lines. You may need to use it with an N95 respirator for additional protection, depending on your work station. It comes with D-fog solution, which effectively stops fogging inside the visor.

Flipkart Customer
Product purchased: Breez93

Nice product .I found it light weight, covering my whole face. Its liner fits comfortably on my face and good quality strap helps in keeping the shield in place on my head. Face shield is transparent, reusable and provided with a bottle of D-fog solution which prevents fogging inside the shield. I don’t need to wear face-mask while using this face shield. In my opinion, it is useful for shop-keepers, office goers and other people, especially who are planning to travel by Air. Good product, value for money.

Kishore Singh
Product purchased: Breez93

It’s really comfortable and good quality product. Very protective that we don't even have to wear a mask.

Namgay Dorji
Product purchased: Breez93

I think this is the best product I have purchased for covid. Its good quality. Excellent.

Arindam Dutta
Product purchased: Breez93

Absolutely Good Product

Dr. Rahul Singh
Product purchased: Breez93

This is one of the best protective masks or can say as a shield available in the market/when the tie I was searching for such products I found this one. the rating and number of sales for this product were less. But with little confusion I bought it finally, I have to say that it's the best one for you....the product is giving you complete protection and the airflow is also perfect.

Gokul Ganesh
Product purchased: Medex99